Frequently Asked Questions -

How do I clean my cowhide products?

Our Cowhide products are very easy to maintain and durable too. Cleaning and removing unwanted marks such as red wine; food spills and dirt stains can be done with a little warm water, a sponge and dish washing liquid, but avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents. Simply apply your warm soapy water to the affected area and wipe with a dampened cloth or sponge. Please refer to our ‘Product Care & Cleaning’ link at the bottom of our Home Page.

How does International Shipping work?

International orders and shipping are arranged with our preferred shipping agents. We are a licensed exporter and airfreight our products to customers all over the world.

All our products are handmade from cowhides that have been hygienically tanned to international quality standards and are certified for export. Shipping charges are calculated according to the actual or volumetric weight of the package.

Please note, various import duties and taxes may be incurred on delivery to certain regions. We send our products delivered duties unpaid with DHL Express from South Africa and we have zero control over these duties that may be incurred.

i.e. The UK and Europe may have such duties attached to imports from outside the region.

Please email us at info@sangacollection.com if you have any queries.

There are some blemishes on my products, what is this?

Sanga Collection products are handmade from cowhides that have been hygienically tanned to international quality standards. They are natural a product, so any imperfections and scarring are a part of the beauty. We do our best to photograph any of these blemishes so visually the customer may view them online. However, if you are still not satisfied then we will accept your decision to return and exchange the product. Please refer to our ‘Returns & Exchanges’ link at the bottom of our Home Page.

Where do your cowhides come from?

All our cowhides are ethically sourced, and the leather is the by-product of the beef industry. We make sure that the tanneries adhere to our strict guidelines and that the hides are hygienically tanned to international quality standards. No animal is sourced purely for its hide and we strongly protest these acts.

Will the cowhide stretch on your footwear?

Yes, like most new leather footwear, the cowhide will stretch a little if needs be to accommodate the size of your feet.

Do you wholesale your products?

Please call or email us: info@sangacollection.com to discuss wholesale options on most of our products.