Product Care & Cleaning

Cowhides –

Cowhides are very easy to maintain and durable too. You should always turn your hide on a monthly basis to prevent the edges from curling up. This is usually the result of constant scuffing. If you have a scuffed edge, dampen that edge of the hide with warm water, flatten the area out and place something heavy over it. Then leave it for about 6-8 hours or overnight to dry and smooth out.

Cleaning your hide and removing unwanted marks such as red wine; food spills and dirt stains can be done with a little warm water, a sponge and dish washing liquid, but avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents. Simply apply your warm soapy water to the affected area and wipe with a dampened cloth or sponge. Make you don’t completely soak the hide when cleaning.

For pet stains, add a small amount white vinegar to your soapy solution (generally mix two glasses of water with one tablespoon of white vinegar) and wipe with a soft sponge. The vinegar will neutralize the bad odour and help with the cleaning.

Once clean, hang the hide out to dry making sure it is spread out evenly and not in direct sunlight, so preferably in a semi-shaded area.  You should never machine wash your hide and if it gets completely saturated, just make sure get as much moisture out as possible and leave it to dry. You may also vacuum your hide to remove dust and grit on a weekly basis and in the direction of the grain is best. Our cowhides are tanned to internationally standards and are very durable, so regular cleaning and brushing of the cowhide will keep it supple and maintain its sheen.

Cowhide Products –

The patterns of all our products are cut from the same cowhides we supply. Therefore, they follow the same procedures when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Dirt marks and unwanted spills can be cleaned by applying a small amount of warm soapy water with a dampened cloth or sponge.

Our footwear is water resistant but not water proof so if they do get saturated from a being caught in heavy rain or mistakenly stepping into a big puddle, then simply wipe off any excess water with a paper towel and leave to dry in a semi-shaded area but not in direct sunlight. Our products are not machine washable so avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning them. They should be stored in a clean, cool and dry place.

If you have any questions, then please don't hesitate to contact us.