The Nguni Cattle

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When I first started my brand I relocated from KwaZulu-Natal, bringing with me an idea that was incubated during a game lodge project in Hluhluwe. During my time there, I discovered the beauty and majesty of the Nguni cattle and developed an appreciation that has grown to become apart of Sanga Collection

The Nguni are a breed of beautiful cattle, unique to South Africa, whose attractive variations of hide patterns have inspired a whole genre of art and design. 

The term ‘Nguni’ comes from the groups of Bantu Speaking pastoralists who over a period of a few hundred years migrated from the north to the southern parts of Africa. These Nguni people moved with their cattle spreading across southern Africa integrating their culture with others. The Nguni people as we know them today are distinguished by three large subgroups, the Northern Nguni, the Southern Nguni and the Ndebele.

King Shaka of the Zulus understood this cultural and economic significance and seized control of the Nguni herds on his lands, later breeding them according to various colour patterns to produce hides that distinguished the regiments of his army.

Over the centuries, names for the Nguni hide patterns were developed which are as colourful, interesting and diverse as the hides themselves and derived from the wonderful imagery of the surrounding rural landscape, animals, reptiles, insects, plants and food.

The Nguni are truly an amazing example of the colour and splendour that nature continues to surprise us with each day. A breed of beautiful cattle whose attractive variations of hide patterns have inspired a whole new genre of art and design.